The links above will take you to articles that you can read over to get more information. There are lots of articles to view especially on anterior cruciate ligament injury. If you are having anterior cruciate ligament surgery you might like to view all the articles on the ACL and see how the surgery has evolved over time. Have a look at the article on the 5 strand hamstring tendon graft which is relatively new and there is not a lot written about it so far. There is a lot of information on ACL surgery on the web and if you have any query contact us.

The shoulder section contains information on rotator cuff disease, AC joint arthritis, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement and shoulder stabilisation. These are common shoulder problems and they can be treated with physiotherapy and an exercise programme. In some cases an injection of local anaesthetic and steroid can help a lot. If indicated arthroscopic can be performed and it can be very successful.

If there is any topic or information that you would like to have covered please tell us. There may be a suitable article that you have written yourself that you could submit.

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