ACL Reconstruction

The Rehab Programme is available from our downloads page.

  • The knee will be very swollen for the first few weeks. You will also have bruising and swelling going down the leg to the ankle
  • Lie on the couch and keep your foot elevated 2 feet higher than your head for 2 hours a day for the first week
  • If it becomes very red it may have an infection in the wound and you should contact Aut Even Hospital straight away
  • Make sure that you have made the arrangements for your physiotherapy
  • You should use the crutches for 4 weeks at least. Do not stop using them until the physio or the doctor tells you it is safe
  • Take the prescribed tablets if you have a lot of pain. Otherwise Paracetamol should be fine
  • Ice therapy is good for relieving pain and keeping the swelling down
  • The graft is weakest for the first 10 to 12 weeks. Be very careful not to injure the knee in that time
  • Stick to the programme and do not overdo it